Inspired by some of the world’s most iconic race circuits, The Bend’s motor racing circuit is Australia’s only circuit to comply with the latest FIA Grade 2 and FIM Category A standards. 

At 7.77 kilometres in its maximum configuration, The Bend combines technical corners, fast flowing sections and an aggregate rise and fall of 85 metres to ensure exciting racing and an enjoyable drive. The track design is unique in offering 8 circuit configurations constructed with all forms of motorsport in mind.


The challenging 7.77km long GT Circuit is the second longest permanent race track in the world (second only to the Nordschleife - Nurburgring).

It’s suitable for GT and endurance racing as well as the perfect drive experience. 

GT Circuit 7.77km


At 4.95km long, the International Circuit is ideal for Supercars, Superbikes, national series events right through to state racing, club racing and private hire. 

International Circuit 4.95km


As it includes the main pit straight, the 3.41km West and West Plus configurations will be used for most short track events including club racing, testing, sprints, cruising events and driver/rider training. 

West & West Plus Circuits 3.41km


With its own, smaller pit building, the 3.93km East Circuit can be run independently from the West Circuit. This configuration is suitable for driver/rider training, drifting, testing, club days and private days. 

East Circuit 3.93km

In addition to these main five configurations, the West Circuit can be further divided into North and South West Loops and a Sprint variant. These configurations are suitable for short track events, drive experiences, testing and private track days. The North and South West Loops can be run simultaneously.