Enjoy 3 karting sessions for the price of 2, that's $80 value for just $55! Karting at The Bend's outdoor karting track is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle.

Available to the public on weekdays only. Members can also use this special offer on weekends, just display your membership card to redeem.

Call the team on 8531 4571 or karting@thebend.com.au to make a booking!

Enjoy racing some of the fastest hire karts in Australia, at speeds of up to 70 km/h, around our world class purpose built 1.1km outdoor Karting Circuit.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your booking to allow time for registration and briefing. Please complete our waiver and bring with you on the day (if you are under 18, please have this signed by parent/guardian). 

NOTE - Our prefered payment method is Credit/Debit card.


Monday – 9am – 5pm

Tuesday – 9am – 5pm

 Wednesday – 9am – 5pm

Thursday - 9am – 5pm

Friday - 9am - 5pm

Saturday - 9am – 5pm

Sunday - 9am – 5pm

Arrive and drive is available, however to avoid disappointment we recommend booking.

Call 8531 4571 for enquiries.


General Hire
- $30 for 1 x 10 minute sessions
- $55 for 2 x 10 minute sessions
- $80 for 3 x 10 minute sessions

Grand Prix Racing (min 10 drivers)
GP1 $80 per driver
- 5 lap qualifying
- 2 x 10 lap races

GP2 $105 per driver
- 5 lap qualifying
- 3 x 10 lap races

GP3 $130 per driver
- 5 lap qualifying
- 4 x 10 lap races

Endurance Racing (min 20 drivers)
- 50 / 100 / 200 lap endurance racing packages available. For pricing and availability call 8531 4571 or email your enquiry.


Adult Karts
- Participants must be 13+ years old
- Minimum height 138cm
- 20 available

Junior Karts
- Participants must be 9+ years old
- Minimum height 138cm
- 2 available

Tandem Karts 
- Participants must be 5+ years old
- Minimum height 100cm
- 2 available



- Mandatory helmets are provided
- Enclosed footwear required
- Blood alcohol level of 0.00, breath testing will be done on site 



Kart Drift Rallycross Circuit Layout


Karting Terms and Conditions:






Bookings & Deposits


1.1.     By making a Booking through the Website, You agree to be
bound by these Conditions.


1.2.     It is Your responsibility to ensure that any person who
participates in Your Booking complies with these Conditions If Your Booking is
for more than one person, You confirm that You have made a copy of these
Conditions available to each person participating in Your Booking and You indemnify
Us from and against any loss arising out of any breach of these Conditions by
any such person.


1.3.     Subject to clause 1.4,
a Booking is not confirmed until You have made payment of the Price in full and
We have provided You with a Booking Confirmation.


1.4.     Unless otherwise specified in the Booking, the Booking is
non-exclusive and there may be other people participating in the Activity at the
same time as You.




2.1.     We may cancel or reschedule a Booking by written notice to You:


2.1.1.   if You or any participant or spectator are in breach of
these Conditions; or


2.1.2.   for any other reason (acting reasonably).


2.2.     If Your Booking is for people other than Yourself, it is
Your responsibility to notify those other persons and We will have no liability
to You or them if You fail to do so.


2.3.     If We cancel Your Booking other than under clause 2.1.1,
We will refund the Price as soon as reasonably possible after such
cancellation. If We cancel Your Booking under clause 2.1.1,
You will not be entitled to any refund of the Price.


2.4.     If We reschedule Your Booking, We will use reasonable
endeavours to liaise with You to accommodate Your preferred date. If You or any
other participant cannot attend on the rescheduled date for the Booking, You
may notify Us in writing, in which case, We will cancel Your Booking (or part
thereof) and refund the Price (or relevant proportion) in respect of the
Booking (or part thereof).


2.5.     Except as set out in this clause 2,
We will have no liability to You or any participant or spectator in respect of
any cancelled or rescheduled Booking.


2.6.     You may cancel a Booking by contacting Us at karting@thebend.com.au.
If You cancel Your Booking:


2.6.1.   less than 30 days prior to the Booking Date or where Your
Booking is for more than 10 people, You will not be entitled to any refund of
the Price or Deposit; or


2.6.2.   more than 30 days prior to the Booking Date (but excluding
any Booking for more than 10 people), You will be entitled to a full refund of
the Price.


Price and Payment


3.1.     You must pay Us the Price as follows at the time of making
the Booking.


3.2.     If You fail to pay any portion of the Price, We may cancel
the Booking or refuse to allow You or any other person under the Booking to
participate in the Activity, and any amounts previously paid will be forfeited
to Us.


3.3.     Unless expressly stated, all Price and other charges under
these Conditions are exclusive of GST.


Participation & Eligibility


4.1.     We may set eligibility requirements from time to time for
participation in the Activity (Eligibility
). The Eligibility Requirements will be available on the
Website. It is Your responsibility to ensure You and all of Your participants
meet the Eligibility Requirements. We reserve the right to exclude any
participant We reasonably consider may pose a risk to vehicles used in the
Activity, other participants or spectators or the Site. No refund will be given
if You or any of Your participants cannot take part in the Activity because You
or they do not meet the Eligibility Requirements.


4.2.     You and each of Your participants must:


4.2.1.   arrive no less than 30 minutes before the time set out in
the Booking Confirmation (Arrival Time).


4.2.2.   sign Our standard Liability Waiver prior to commencement of
the Activity;


4.2.3.   attend Our safety briefing for the Activity;


4.2.4.   not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while
participating in the Activity;


4.2.5.   wear appropriate footwear and clothing (footwear must be
closed foot, flat soled and without platforms);


4.2.6.   strictly follow all directions from Us or Our staff during
the Activity.


4.3.     If You or any participant under Your Booking fail to comply
with any of the requirements in clause 4.2
(or in the case of the requirement in clause 4.2.4,
if We reasonably suspect that a person does not comply), We may, in Our sole
discretion and without refund or recourse, refuse to allow that person to
participate in the Activity.


Publicity & Privacy


Any personal information You
provide will be dealt with in accordance with Our Privacy Policy available at www.thebend.com.au. We own all media rights in respect of the Site and the
Activity including all video and streaming rights and You must not use any
footage, photographs or other recordings other than for personal use without
Our consent.


No Representations


6.1.     Any pictures, descriptions, and information regarding the
Activity is intended to be a guide only. All equipment and track configurations
are subject to change without notice and We reserve the right to make changes
to the Activity without liability to You or any of Your participants.


Site Entry Conditions


7.1.     Each participant in the Activity and spectator attending at
Your invitation acknowledge and agree that, by attending the Site for the
purpose of the Activity, they are bound by the Conditions of Entry as though a
reference in the Conditions of Entry to a Patron was to that person (as
relevant) and a reference to the Event is to the Activity.


7.2.     To the extent of any inconsistency between the Conditions
of Entry and these Conditions, these Conditions shall prevail.


7.3.     At all times while on the Site, You, each participant under
Your Booking, and any spectators attending the Site at Your invitation must
 (a) act respectfully towards the Site, Our property, the
property of others and any other person attending the Site; and (b) comply with
all of Our reasonable directions in respect of Your use of the Site. Any breach
of this clause 7.3
may result in immediate removal from the Activity and/or Site without refund or




8.1.     This agreement is governed by and must be construed in
accordance with the laws of South Australia. The parties submit irrevocably to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia and all courts
competent to hear appeals from those courts.


8.2.     This agreement, the Liability Waiver and the Conditions of
Entry contain the entire agreement between the parties as to its subject matter
and override and supersede all earlier agreements in relation to the subject
matter of this agreement.


8.3.     This agreement may only be amended or varied with Our prior
written consent.


8.4.     Where a word, phrase, sentence, clause or other provision
of this agreement would otherwise be unenforceable, illegal or void the effect
of that provision will so far as possible, be limited and read down so that it
is not unenforceable, illegal or void.


8.5.     Any waiver in respect of this agreement must be in writing
signed by the party granting it, is only effective in relation to the
particular instance for which it is given and does not apply to waive that or
any other right, power or remedy in any other circumstance.




9.1.     Activity means a go-karting session at the Site as set out in the
Booking Confirmation.


9.2.     Associated Companies means the owner of the Site and any of Our or the owner of
the Site’s related entities and associated entities (as those terms are defined
in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)).


9.3.     Booking means Your booking for the Activity as set out in the
Booking Confirmation.


9.4.     Booking Confirmation means the booking confirmation email We send You after
confirming Your payment for the Activity and the availability of the Activity
on Your requested date.


9.5.     Booking Date means the scheduled date for Your Booking as set out in
the Booking Confirmation.


9.6.     Conditions means these Terms and Conditions (as amended or updated by
Us from time to time).


9.7.     Conditions of Entry means Our standard Conditions of Entry to the Site available
at www.thebend.com.au.


9.8.     Price means that price payable for the Activity as set out on the
Website at the time of the Booking.


9.9.     Liability Waiver means Our standard Exclusion of Liability, Release and
Assumption of Risk document (as amended or updated from time to time) or such
other waiver or release required by Us from time to time in respect of the Activity
or the Site.


9.10.   Site means The Bend Motorsport Park, 543 Dukes Highway, Tailem
Bend SA 5260.


9.11.   We, Our or Us means The Bend Motorsport Park Pty
Ltd (ACN 609 932 685).


9.12.   Website means https://tbtailembend.clubspeedtiming.com/booking/step1


9.13.   You, Your or Yourself means the person making the
Booking on the Website.