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You don’t need a licence to enjoy all the fun and excitement of go-karting at the state of the art facilities here at The Bend Motorsport Park. Take the wheel on the exhilarating outdoor track and reach speeds of up to
70 kilometres per hour on 1 of our 3 circuit configurations. (See below)


GP Circuit S10 $30edit.jpg
GP Circuit S20 $60edit.jpg
GP Circuit S30 $85edit.jpg

sprint circuit SESSIONs:

SPRINT CIRCUIT S10 $30edit.jpg
SPRINT CIRCUIT S20 $55edit.jpg
SPRINT CIRCUIT S20 $80edit.jpg

10 or more people? TRY OUR Grand Prix OPTION

The Bend Karting Grand Prix packages are perfect for aspiring drivers looking for a genuine racing experience. The Bend’s race tournament format and scoring system will bring out the true champion in you!

GP Circuit GP1edit.jpg
GP Circuit GP2edit.jpg
GP Circuit GP3edit.jpg
CHALLENGE Circuit GP1 $80edit.jpg
CHALLENGE Circuit GP2 $105edit.jpg
CHALLENGE Circuit GP3 $130edit.jpg


The Bend Karting Circuit is now available in 3 configurations! Catering to drivers looking for fast-paced bumper to bumper racing on the Sprint circuit, quick and technical on our Challenge circuit, or experience the best of both on the large Grand Prix circuit! 


GP circuit 1171M

The GP circuit is the longest in South Australia with length of 1172 meters & 16 challenging turns. This circuit is mainly used for our Grand Prix group events.


challenge circuit 680M

The Challenge Circuit is 680 metres in length with 11 challenging turns. 


sprint CIRCUIT 440M

The Sprint Circuit is 440 metres in length with 6 fast flowing turns. Perfect for small groups for bumper to bumper racing.

karts available

Drive the best and latest SODIKART RT8; the premium choice in Karting! Developed over 38 years to be fast on outdoor tracks, yet easy to drive. The karts are equipped with the latest safety features for peace of mind. 


  • SodiKart RT8 Chassis

  • Honda GX390

  • Rollbar and 4 Point Harness

  • Adjustable Seats

  • Hi Blade Front protection

  • F1 Steering Wheel



  • Participants must be 13+ years old

  • Minimum height 138cm

  • 15 karts available

junior karts

  • Participants must be 9+ years old

  • Minimum height 138cm

  • 2 karts available


  • Participants must be 5+ years old

  • Minimum height 100cm

  • 4 karts available

THE ONLY GIFT they really want!

Perfect for any occasion, our go-karting gift e-vouchers start at $50. So whatever your budget, we have the racing experience to offer. *Valid for 3 years of date of purchase.

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Terms & Conditions


  • Mandatory helmets are provided

  • Enclosed footwear required

  • Blood alcohol level of 0.00, breath testing will be done on site

  • Complete our waiver and bring with you on the day (if you are under 18, please have this signed by parent/guardian)

  • NOTE: our preferred payment method is Credit/Debit card.

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