We are currently evaluating the dragway construction project, and are hopeful of being able to announce our construction plans very soon.  Please bear with us, we will share our plans as soon as possible.

The Bend’s quarter mile Dragway has been designed in consultation with the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) in order to meet international Group 1 drag racing standards. This allows the track to host all forms of drag racing including 9000hp, 530km/h Top Fuel monsters! 

The dragway's design incorporates an amphitheatre facility with grandstand seating, terracing and natural grass mounds for viewing. The Dragway will be serviced by its own race control building featuring administration services, race control, media and commentary rooms and corporate facilities. 

Located behind the race control building, the staging lanes and main pit/paddock area will be approximately 2ha in size. In addition to major drag racing events, The Bend’s Dragway will be perfect for test days, driver training and private client days.