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Introducing Brekky & Bikes at The Bend!! Start the day the right way with Breakfast and a few laps at The Bend.

Your $39.00 gets you approx 20 minutes cruising the circuit (behind a pace car/bike) plus a delicious breakfast at the APEX Restaurant.

The Schedule (See dates via. Champion Ride Days - link below)

When you arrive: Park your bikes in the main race paddock area, next to the Welcome Centre.

  • 7.00am: Arrive & Sign On at the Welcome Centre

  • From 7.00am: Breakfast served

  • 8.00am: Briefing in APEX Restaurant

  • 8.25am: Cruise Laps

All bikes are welcome, as long as they are road registered. Riders can wear any suitable motorcycle clothing (including motorcycle jacket, jeans, motorcycle boots and gloves, and full face helmet) as the laps will be at road speeds. No pillions at this stage folks.

Breakfast* includes:

  • Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown, tomato, mushroom ragout with 1 slice of sour dough

  • A choice of Juice

Coffee can be purchased from the Cafe.

If you are just interested in Breakfast without the laps, please call FUEL Restaurant to book in on 8165 5730.

Be a good egg and please enter & exit the venue responsibly! If you want to go fast, book into a ride day at

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