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Hold on tight as you experience the thrill of race speeds around our motor racing circuit in our high performance track and race cars. Book your seat today, or if you can't make up your mind gift vouchers are also available.

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V8 Ford Mustang Hot Laps

V8 hot laps in a track-prepped Mustang


Radical SR3 Hot Laps

Grip and downforce in an ultra light Radical SR3.


V8 Ford Mustang Drive

5 laps driving an iconic 339kw muscle car


Formula 3 & V8 Ford Mustang Hot Laps Combo

Ultimate Hot Laps


V8 Holden Racecar Hot Laps

V8 hot laps in a race-prepped Holden


Porsche GT3 Cup Hot Laps

Hot Laps aboard a race winning Porsche Cup Car


V8 Holden Racecar Drive

5 laps driving a RAW V8 Holden Racecar


Rally Hot Laps

Blood-pumping gravel rally hot laps


Formula 3 Hot Laps

a Formula 1-like experience


Hyundai i30N Drive

206kw paddle-shift auto with N-mode at disposal



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