GT Festival DISPLAY 


Celebration of Grand Touring 

On 10-12 December The Bend Motorsport Park are hosting a GT Festival, timed to coincide with the Shannons Nationals.


The vision for the GT Festival is to celebrate the history of GT cars and show the lineage to present day through a significant vehicle display. We are seeking to stay true to the GT concept:


  • A grand tourer (GT) is a type of sports car that is designed for high speed and long-distance driving, due to a combination of performance and luxury attributes.

  • The most common format is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive two-door coupé with either a two-seat or a 2+2 arrangement, and are most often the coupé derivative of luxury saloons.

  • Grand tourers emphasize comfort and handling over straight-out high performance. In comparison, sports cars are typically more "spartan" compared to "sophisticated Grand Touring machinery" and seek performance over comfort.


Vehicle Displays


There are three locations for vehicle display;

  • Welcome Centre – indoor display space limited to 15-18 significant vehicles

  • Paddock Marquee – large 500sqm semi-enclosed marquee on grass 

  • Welcome Centre forecourt – outdoor display on rollout carpet on hard-stand, surrounded by white picket fencing, planter boxes, and occasional shade structures. [TBC]


Vehicles will be fenced off from patrons by tenser or plastic chain barriers regardless of location, and will have consistent information board stands for each vehicle. We encourage owners to provide information about the vehicles, particularly if there are interesting historical snippets either about the model or their particular vehicle.


Bump-in & out


Ideally all vehicles will be available for display over all three days of the event, however we understand this may not suit some owners. Having the three different display locations provides some flexibility.


  • All Welcome Centre vehicles will need to be displayed for the three days, with bump-in on Thursday 9 December.

  • For the Paddock Marquee and Welcome Centre forecourt it is possible to bump in cars no later than 9am Saturday 10 December. This may suit owners who can only make their car available for the weekend.

  • By arrangement, owners who would prefer to take their vehicles in and out of the venue each day may display in  the Welcome Centre forecourt area to allow for assisted drive-in/out. Vehicles would need to arrive before 9am and departure after 4pm on the day.


Vehicle Details


All vehicle details will be recorded prior to the event, including the usual make, model, VIN and registration (if applicable), owner and contact details, and if the vehicle has any special requirement, particularly if it has minor fluid leaks.


Vehicles must have property insurance cover for peace of mind. All vehicles will be inspected upon arrival noting any pre-existing defects, and will be checked out for departure. 




The event will be bounded by a 1.8m perimeter fence with designated gate access.

Security will be positioned on the main gate 24/7, with roaming security both during the day and night.

Vehicle access will only be by valid credentials checked by security, with all vehicle movements recorded.

The Bend has internal and external CCTV monitoring 24/7, including paddock areas and the access roads to and from the site. Additional CCTV cameras will be placed to specifically monitor vehicle displays.


Exclusive Track Session


The day prior to the event (Thursday 9 December) is a track day for The Bend Members. If vehicle owners have interest in the membership program please contact The Bend to arrange a ‘come and try’ session, which may be convenient for those ahead of bumping in their display vehicle on this day. 


For more information, please contact us at events@thebend.com.au



Shannons Nationals

The Shannons Motorsport Australia Festival will now take place at The Bend Motorsport Park on the 10th to 11th of December featuring Australian Prototype Series and Circuit Excel S.A.

Event Date: 10 - 11 Dec '21