Champion's Ride Days

8:00am Sunday, 16 December 2018
5:00pm Monday, 17 December 2018
Ride Days
The Bend Motorsport Park
543 Dukes Highway
Tailem Bend, South Australia 5260

Hit The Bend on your own bike or hire theirs!

A ride day is the perfect opportunity to take your bike to the track to ride at your own pace in a safe and controlled environment. Ride Days are not race or practice days, they are leisure days. With graded groups and plenty of safety measures this kind of event is the best way to test the limits of your bike without speed cameras, trucks, cars or pedestrians.

Champion's Ride Days prides itself on providing safe, fun and professional ride days for ALL riders. We want you to challenge your riding skills in a supportive learning environment that's also fun! Just turn in your mirrors, grab a set of leathers and you're ready to go!!

If you are a Crew or Qualifier member, please contact Champion's Ride Days directly to book; or
07 3287 4144

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Champions Ride Days

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