Welcome to The Bend Motorsport Park’s Driver Experience Program – Australia’s premier motorsport experience.

Experience 8 amazing vehicles, across The Bend’s multi-discipline facility in one adrenaline fuelled day. Located only 1 hour south east of Adelaide in South Australia, this unique experience is your chance to drive a range of performance and specialty vehicles at full speed!

Experience Snapshot
  6 incredible driving experiences in the vehicles listed below. Participants should be proficient in driving a manual, as some vehicles are not available in automatic.
-  1 Superbike pillion ride*
-  Opportunity to drive or experience a passenger ride in a Formula Toyota* (additional extra)
-  Side-by-side coaching with a professional instructor
-  Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea
-  USB with on-board footage of V8 Race car experience
 Race suit and helmet provided

*Drivers must meet a certain height and weight criteria to participate. Participants must pass a basic medical before enjoying the Superbike Ride.

8am          Registration & Breakfast
-  8:45am     Driver Briefing
-  9am          Start your engines
-  12pm        Lunch
-  1pm          Restart
-  4pm          Afternoon Tea & Trophy Presentation
-  4:30pm     Chequered Flag

From $1,950 ex. GST



Jump into one of our open topped clubman cars that will give you a thrill like no other. They sound great and feel sensational as you race the clock and slide your way around the tight northern loop of the West Circuit.

Formula Toyota FT-40

Feel the thrill and precision of this spectacular Formula Toyota, flying across the circuit only inches from the ground in this experience of a lifetime. Choose to drive the single seater, or ride passenger in the only 2 seater of this race car ever produced. To be eligible, participants will need to meet guidelines below;
- Weight: 100kg (16.5 stone) - Height: 153 cm - 185 cm (5.0’ up to 6’0”)

V8 Race car

Prepare to experience race mode. Strap in to a high powered V8 Race car and feel the rush driving your way around our fast and flowing West Sprint Circuit. Participants will receive a USB with on-board footage to share with friends and family and re-live the unforgettable experience.

Ford Mustang

The combination of classic styling, high performance and the old-school V8 sound that will get your heart pumping. Beautifully balanced and loads of power under your right foot, the Mustang will be driven on our East circuit with plenty of turns, camber changes and blind crests. Take the confidence of having an instructor next to you, pushing you to improve lap after lap.

Sodi Karts RT8

Drive some of the fastest hire karts in Australia. Go head to head with your own team mates as you race against the clock around our international standard karting circuit.


Skid The Bend rally car around our purpose built rally track, in the Off-Road precinct of the motorsport park. Your instructor will guide you on rallying techniques and course navigation, and score you on your efforts. 


Take on sand traps, rock obstacles, dirt inclines, and water holes in our 4WD Adventure Park. Go too fast, and you'll risk not completing an obstacle, but go too slow and you'll risk penalty points. Keep a consistent speed, with a steady hand and you're in with a chance for a good score.

Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike Ride

The most adrenaline charged experience of the day. Lean and soak in your surroundings as you appreciate the brute power of a superbike. To be eligible, participants will need to meet guidelines below;
- Successfully pass a basic medical to ensure you're fit for the activity
- Weight: 100kg (16.5 stone) - Height: 153 cm - 185 cm (5.0’ up to 6’0”)