The Bend Motorsport Park is one of the most significant developments in Australian motorsport history. A state of the art, world-class motorsport facility, The Bend will deliver an exhilarating experience for competitors, enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Developed and primarily funded by the Peregrine Corporation, South Australia’s largest private company, construction started on The Bend in early 2016 with completion expected by the end of 2017 in readiness for the first major events in early 2018.

The Bend Welcome Centre
The Bend Motorsport Park Welcome Centre


The Bend Motorsport Park will accommodate for all motoring discplines ‘through the one gate’.

Inspired by some of the world’s most iconic race circuits, The Bend’s motor racing circuit is Australia’s only circuit to comply with the latest FIA Grade 2 and FIM Category A standards.

The Bend’s Stadium Circuit is a multi-purpose facility, built specifically for three main disciplines – drifting, karting and rallycross. The surrounding viewing mounds provide a colosseum like atmosphere. 

The quarter mile Dragway, designed in consultation with the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) to meet Group 1 drag racing standards allows for all forms of drag racing, including 9000hp, 530km/h Top Fuel monsters.

80 hectares of challenging terrain, including rock and log obstacles, various inclines and descents, water and mud courses will allow drivers to challenge themselves and their vehicle in a safe environment within the 4WD Adventure Park.

Home to various disciplines including Rally and buggy racing, The Bend Rally & Off Road precinct will offer multiple configurations.

The Bend Motorsport Park
The Bend Motorsport Park


The Bend Motorsport Park will offer an opportunity to invest in a motorsport lifestyle. From getting on track to being trackside, The Bend Membership Programme will have options to suit your interests. A unique programme that will offer an unprecedented level of access to the race circuit, exclusive networking events and personalised recognition of your contribution. We look forward to releasing more information regarding The Bend Membership Programme later this year.

The opportunity will exist to completely indulge your motoring passion with exclusive luxury trackside villas and garages. Imagine having your pride and joy secured only a stone’s throw from a world-class Motor Racing Circuit?

For the ultimate experience, The Bend hotel is uniquely positioned right on the racing circuit. With 100 rooms of varying configurations, from twin share, king rooms and suites. Guests also have the option to use the caravan and camping grounds.